Yuvraj Walmiki

Yuvraj Walmiki (created 29 November 1989) is an Indian professional field hockey player from Maharashtra. He was an associate . Additionally he’s the sole Indian Player to have played with German Hockey League for 4 years constantly. Additionally he’s the very first hockey player to have participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 (Fear Factor). He could be the brand ambassador of DGS (NGO).

Yuvraj Walmiki Bio

  • Name : Yuvraj Walmiki
  • Birthday : 29 November 1989
  • Birth place : Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
  • Age : 26 years
  • Height : 5’6″
  • Occupation : Hockey Player
  • Playing position : Halfback
  • Nationality : Indian

Yuvraj Walmiki Career

In 2003, with all the Bombay Republicans, Yuvraj got his first break through trainer Bawa. For the team he played for another two years and was given Player of the Tournament.

He played in the senior division of the Bombay league, for the bank for another couple of years and got a call. Former captain of the Indian hockey team, Dhanraj Pillay, helped him to bag contract. He scored 15 goals in nine matches and played in the 2010 German League.

Yuvraj Walmiki Videos

Khatron Ke Khiladi 7 | Yuvraj walmiki

Yuvraj Walmiki Movie/Serial List



  • Silver medal: Second place 2011 South Africa
  • Gold medal: First place 2011 China
  • Bronze medal:  Third place 2012 Malaysia
  • Sultan Azlan Shah Cup
  • Asian Champions Trophy

Yuvraj Walmiki Wallpaper

Yuvraj Walmiki Wallpaper

Yuvraj Valmiki Wallpaper

Yuvraj Walmiki Wallpaper

Hockey striker Yuvraj Walmiki

Hockey striker Yuvraj Walmiki

Hockey striker Yuvraj Walmiki

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