Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Movie Trailer crossed 6 Million views

Fan” the most awaited movie of ‘Shah Rukh Khan’ finally crossed 6 million views and Yash Raj fims shared a twitter with the words “4 million views in 24 hours“. The video is of a length of 2.51 minutes and was released on Monday where it was revealed that ‘Gaurav’ (Shah Rukh Khan) is a dying fan of ‘Aryan Khanna’ who‘s recognized as superstar. He therefore faces many hardships to meet his idol and he really gets crazy when finally he becomes Aryan’s biggest opponent. Jabra Fan is one of the most popular songs of the film and it is has been gone viral within a few days inspiring viewers.

Details about the Film

The film is produced by ‘Aditya Chopra’ under Yash Raj Films and is about to release on 15th April 2016. You can easily get connected to Facebook and Twitter page from where you can get familiar with the important facts about the “Fan” trailer. The movie brings in memories of his another popular film “Darr” and once you watch the trailer you can get the similar experience. However, there is a basic difference between the two characters, as ‘Gaurav’ is not a psychopath unlike to that of his character in “Darr”.

Facts about Trailer

The trailer recently released looks promising and fascinating revealing the story of ‘Gaurav’ who leads a normal lifestyle and thinks of his superstar ‘Aryan Khanna’ as God. Gradually, his love for his superstar turns into obsession and that gives rise to a sense of violence. “Fan” represents a different acting from ‘Shah Rukh’ that really touched the heart of his fans all over India. The movie comes up with jaw-dropping scenes and once you watch it you can realize how ‘Shah Rukh’ brought his character in real time with the nice effects for “Fan“.

Fan Movie Trailer

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