Neetu Kapoor finally speaks out on Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif break up

It was a bad start of the year for the Kapoor family as Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor broke up their long-term relationship. There have been a number of reports about their secret meetings and a possible patch up circulated in the media. But there hasn’t been any news about the reconciliation of the two yet. The Kapoor’s haven’t really spoken about the issue, but it seems Neetu Kapoor- Ranbir’s mother has opened up about the broken relationship finally. It was something completely unexpected.

Neetu Kapoor, has always acted as a doting mother. She is always seen involved in life of her son. Ever since Katrina Kaif and Ranbir broke up, it is now his mum always for him. Neetuji finally spoke on the matter at a recent event about her son her son’s breakup.

When asked about her views on Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship with Katrina and his marriage she said, everyone has a personal life, so she doesn’t wants to comment or say anything on the issue. Well that came as a big surprise because her relationship with her son is really thick. Despite that, RK’s mother made this statement. She wasn’t fond of the Ranbir’s ex Deepika Padukone and she’d dislike Katrina too. She never accept as her as a family member of Kapoor family.

However, it seemed the NeetuJi was all set to accept the Bang Bang actress as her bahu and get the couple married too, but things didn’t work between them. When talked about Ranbir‘s marriage plans, she said she doesn’t has any about it. Well things are really spiced up after this “not so heavy” comment of Neetu Kapoor about her darling son. Anyway, we wish the Ranbir-Katrina jodi gets a fresh beginning. Hope we could see then back together.

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