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Mastaangi is a new romantic, thriller Indian drama series that was aired on Channel V India on January 18. The story is based on the concept of reincarnation and focuses the love story of a young couple who fall victim to a tragic death. The story takes a turn when they meet again after 21 years of their death. The story line is written by Prashant Bhatt, Aseem Arora and Sharad Tripathi. The show is directed by Prince Dhiman and produced by Prashant Bhatt and Sanjay K Mamane.

Mastaangi TV Show Details

Youth show
Written by
Story, Screenplay and Dialogue :
Prashant Bhatt
Aseem Arora
Sharad Tripathi
Salil Sand
Directed by
Prince Dhiman
Sol Kohli
Ashish Batra
Harsha Shanbag
Starring See Cast
Music by
Lalit Sen
Bhavik Vyas
Sumanta Das
Country of origin India
Originallanguage(s) Hindi
No. of seasons 1
Prashant Bhatt
Sanjay K Memane
Raj Kumar Chaturvedi
Anand Kumar
Location(s) Mumbai
Shariq S Khan
Raj Kumar Turkar
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time Approx. 22 minutes
Productioncompany(s) Studio B&M Pvt Ltd
Original network Channel V India
Picture format SDTV
Original release January 18, 2016 – present

Mastaangi Star Cast

  • Aakash Talwar as RAW Agent Kabir / Karan “K” Malhotra
  • Swati Kapoor as ISI Agent Udita / Ria Sareen
  • Himani Sahani as RAW Agent Anushka / Anaita “Anu”
  • Rutpanna Aishwarya as Suhani
  • Nitin Bhatia as Jignesh “Jiggs”
  • Bhumika Gurung as Ria’s friend
  • Pankaj Bhalla as Yuvraj “Euro”
  • Nidha Bhatt as Karan’s friend “Trumpet”
  • Raaj Singh Arora as ISI Commander Zubair Akhtar Khan
  • Jyoti Gauba as Anushka’s mother
  • Tithi Raaj as ISI Agent Sophia

Mastaangi Story/Plot

Mastaangi show story goes back to 1995 when a young couple Kabir and Udita die a mysterious death and more interestingly both of them happen to be secret service agents from rival agencies. Kabir is a RAW agent and Udita, an ISI agent. Both Kabir and Udita take rebirth as Karan and Ria and coincidentally take admission in the same university resulting in their eventual encounter after 21 years in St. Stephens Collage. Though both of them don’t seem to remember about their past, they get fragmented visions of their past lives on seeing each other. The story takes an interesting twist when it is revealed that Karan and Ria are not the only ones who have reincarnated.

Anaita, another RAW agent and Kabir’s partner in previous life also takes a rebirth. Another important character in the script is Zuber, an ISI commander and mastermind of “Operation Tabahi“. Zuberwho has now taken up the name Ishaan, pursues his unfinished mission as an industrialist. Both Ria and Anaita becomes friend with Karan along with Jiggs, Trumpet, Su and Venessa. Zuber alias Ishaan who is now an industrialist and coincidentally one of the members of board of trustees of St. Stephens Collage, becomes shocked to see the three of them and tries to find out their true identities.

Mastaangi TV Show Schedule/Timings

DAY Monday to Friday
TIME 06:00 PM

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Mastaangi TV Show Wallpapers

Mastaangi TV Show Images

Mastaangi TV Show Images

Channel V’s new show Mastaangi Wallpapers

Channel V's new show Mastaangi Wallpapers

Mastaangi Serial Cast Images

Mastaangi Serial Cast Images

‘Mastaangi’ Channel V Pictures

'Mastaangi' Channel V Pictures

‘Mastaangi’ Channel V Poster

'Mastaangi' Channel V Poster

Beautiful ”Mastaangi Serial Images

Beautiful ”Mastaangi Serial Images

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